I was having a tough time figuring out trails around Barcelona to mountian bike. This site might help others like me to find some great places to bike!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Barcelona to St. Cugat via St. Medir

GPX FILE (ref only; I don't have a gps!)

Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
Terrain: Gravel roads and paths and road.
Time: approx 1:20 hours
Distance: approx 13.8km (one-way)
Max Delta Elevation: 200-439 = 239 meters

This is the path that will get you from Barcelona to Sant Cugat. You will ride on a lot of paved road most of which does not have a lot of traffic. Be careful on BV-1417, that's the road you hit right after the trail ride of Carreterra de Aigues. Also, be careful on the single lane road around the turns! The rest is easy and down hill. If you really want a nice steep up hill try this route in the reverse direction. If you would rather take a trail that has more rocks and less road look at .

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